why did they come?

Term 3 Inquiry

What i did? played a game about the Gold Rush.

What i leant? the Gold Rush was a long time a go.

My wonderings? How long did the Gold Rush go for?

What i did? filled in a sheet about moving to Australia.

What i leant? WW2 was in 1945.

My wanderings? Why did the war start.

What i did? Made a paper fishing boat.

What i leant? i leant that north V.S south, north won.

My wonderings? Why did the war start?

What i did? we looked at a video about boat people.

What i leant? That not just anyone can come to Australia.

My wonderings? Why does war happen.

What i did? Watched a videos about the first aus.

What i leant? That some people don’t have what we have.

My wonderings? How would it fell to live in the jungle.

What i did? Did different things about convicts

What i leant? Some kids took some bread and went to jail.

My wonderings? Why did they go to jail.

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